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Nick Miller
Nick Miller
    We Love Reviews
    Great exoerence
    Had a great time at the restaurant thank you it was awesome the food was great and the views were spectacular we will be back in recommend to everyone 👏👏👏😍
    Jorge N
    Muy buena atmósfera ofrece
    Muy buena atmósfera ofrece el sito, la pasta estaba un poco blanda para mi gusto, pero la salsa estaba bien hecha no tenía elementos extra, la pasta que comí tenía una albóndiga y muy bien hecha la mejor
    Joe K
    The clam pizza is killer
    We recently ate a Lombardi's while in NYC and had their clam pizza. We were a little skeptical...what a mistake, this thing is like nothing else! Lombardi's takes their crust and brushes it with garlic butter and puts it in the oven to seal. They then put on the fresh steamed clams and put it back into the oven to get everything hot. Eating it is like having linguini and clam sauce in a crust. This is the only place we've ever had it and we will certainly go back on our next trip to NYC!
    Ryan Binai
      Claims to be America's first pizzeria with a very Italian vibe, pizza was good but was expecting more then just another Italian pizza store with an inflated price, never the less a spot to visit.
      Gabriela Vieira
        The pizza was absolutely amazing! The only down is the price, but I was aware it would be a little more than normal.
          The pizza was fantastic just as expected though I was a little surprised by the price and the size of it, it was smaller than I expected. If you are considering to try lombardis pizza, just go and get one. Another thing that left me puzzled is the absence of hot beverages, why don't you serve hot tea? I tried the “cake boss” and surprisingly liked it, even though arugula is not my fav, it didn't spoil the pizza, actually added a nice touch to it. Thank you for a good lunch!
          Daniel Gallegos
            Very happy with our experience! We showed up with a party of 12 on a busy Saturday (2/15/2020) night. The wait was reasonable 30 minutes, the host and waiter (Luis) were very attentive and friendly. The pizza was reasonably priced and taste 9/10. We ordered the rustic pepperoni and veggie pizza and my friends ordered others. Crust was thin and toasty and ingredients tasted good. Would definitely return and highly recommend if in the area.
            Alyssa McKaskle
              excellent pizza and service. however, drinks are expensive and not refillable, and they only take cash.
              Marc Mowery
                True to the iconic reputation. The marinara and crust was perfect with just the right crunch and char from the oven. The toppings were fresh and delicious.
                Dan Cea
                  Pizza was very good, but apparently in the past few years they got rid of the large pie and only have small. If you have a party more than two people you have to buy a multiple pies now, which can get expensive. One of the oldest pizza places in New York. So if you're looking for an interesting place you can tell your friends about, this would fit the bill.
                  Maz Nouri
                    Oh how I crave the white pizza!!! Great newyork pizza!!!
                    Catherine wd
                      I love that we live so close to this place! Really really good pizza!!! & to top it off I've always been treated so kindly when I go in for various things.
                      Pippa L
                      Not the best!
                      We were very disappointed in the our first time in nyc we were recommended to go here but wish we hadn't. 3 x beers, 2 x pizzas were over $110. Pizzas were a bit bland and we feel they are very overpriced at $28 each for their size. Also table was tiny and felt we were shoe horned in against a wall so not comfortable at all and waited 30 x mins for the table- it was definitely NOT worth waiting for. There are better pizzas served in the Irish bars so avoid this place.
                      Francisco Gonzalez
                        Food was good but 30 dollars for a small pizza? Portions are way too small for what they charge.
                        Ashot Hareyan
                          Everyone I talked to about going to New York suggested eating at Lombardi's, and I'm happy they did. The place was very homey and had an old school Italian vibe to it. The pizza was very good, but not much different from most traditional Italian places. We tried their specialty pizzas, and although they tasted very good, it wasn't as exquisite as I was led to believe. Overall, worth a visit at least once.
                          Jay B
                          Fun stop
                          A bit touristy, but the pizza was great, atmosphere/decore are wonderful. Take a few minutes to stroll Mulberry Street after your pizza (you need the exercise). The scene is a bit kitschy, but the cannolis are good.
                          Excellent pizza place full of history !
                          Excellent pizza place where history and taste join together. The place is nice, the pizza is very good and the neighborhood as well. excellent experience. Unfortunately, they don't accept credit cards. So, you need to go outside to an ATM to get cash in order to pay. Not very convenient.
                          Wendy Miller
                            Great pizza, perfect crust! Good service. Always a go to stop!
                            Young Kim
                              Classic Lombardi pizza Still great after all these years. The crust is still crispy and slightly chewy and hold up well to the slightly sweet sauce and pepperonis. And still cash only.
                              Uzma Ali
                                As popular as this place is, I personally wasn't a big fan of the pizza. Possibly since I can't eat their assortment of toppings. The clam pizza was pretty great and they're probably the only ones who can pull of sautéed spinach as a pizza topping. However, the rest of the pizza was just mediocre.
                                Nates Epic Eats
                                No Surprise They are Still OPEN!
                                Good things last the test of time! That is Lombardis in a nutshell! Thew place has that old school NYC feel too it, brick walls and tin ceilings based around relatively small dining rooms interspersed between multiple storefronts. The servers were quick and knowledgeable about the items on the menus. We started with the BRUSCHETTA ON RUSTIC BREAD. The tomato mix was nicely soaked with the other ingredients giving a nice ripened flavor. Good edge of cheese in there to round out the flavor. The juices soaked into the thick bread giving it a nice softness. We got the ORIGINAL MARGHERITA, it was simple and delicious! Sauce was fresh and well flavored, the cheese had a nice salty edge to it, and the crust was thin and perfectly cooked! We also ordered another pizza but I dont know the name of it. It had eggplant and ricotta on it. The eggplant was cut beautiful thin with a simply breading. The ricotta was thick dollops, drying out just right for each bite. An amazing mix of flavors!
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                                  Gerhard Van der Merwe
                                    One of the best pizza experiences in New York.
                                    Elona Nacaj
                                      Adorable atmosphere, nice service, 10/10
                                      Alexander Davis
                                        Foods was amazing, very fresh ingredients and the best bruschetta ever. Very quick service and we were able to just walk right in and get seated on a Friday night. Cash only but they have all ATM inside to accommodate.
                                        Corrin Thomas
                                          This is my favorite pizza in Manhattan. Customer service is also excellent. I love everything about them.
                                          뉴욕뉴욕한 피자
                                          뉴욕 사람들이 제일 많이 먹는 음식 중 하나가 피자라고하니 피제리아 한두군데는 가보세요. 그 중에서 여기는 제일 유명한 집 중 하나니까 웨이팅 진저리치시는 분 아니라면 가보시구요. 저는 피자 안좋아하는 사람인데 먹을만 했으니까 좋아하시는 분들은 잘 먹을 것 같아요. 혼자 다 못 먹을까봐 어렵게 동행 구하시는 것 같은데 저 여자 혼자지만 작은거 한판 혼자 충분히 먹었습니다. 피자가 얇고 기름기 없이 담백해서 물리는 느낌 없어서 작은 사이즈는 충분히 혼자 먹어요.
                                          Great service! Friendly staff! Great food!
                                          Great service! Friendly staff! and of course...great pizza! We went at lunch hour on a weekday and it was not very crowded. Managed to get a table immediately. The pizza is good and portions just nice for us. Two of us shared 1 pizza. This place emits a charm which will take your fancy! Come by for a try if you need pizza in NYC!
                                          Kate Grant
                                            I love that we live so close to this place! Really really good pizza!!! & to top it off I've always been treated so kindly when I go in for various things.
                                            Jacqueline Peters
                                              OMG!!! This place is amazing!! First when I heard about potato on a pizza, it didn't make any sense. But after trying one slice I became a big fan! HUGE
                                              Dave H
                                              Best Pizza
                                              Great pizza and affordable prices. Service was spot on fantastic. Easy to get to lower Manhattan location.
                                              Excellent Pizza
                                              Planned a trip down to Little Italy for some authentic pizza this holiday season. We had been to Lomarbdi's on Spring Street a couple times before and enjoyed it. Last year we made the mistake of going to the "new" location on 28th street since it was closer to Herald Square. This year we headed back down to Little Italy to go to the original location! Once at Lombardi's we went inside. We were quoted something like 20-30 minutes for a table. I was a bit displeased since we were starving after a long day of play in the city. BUT, we took a buzzer and stood off in the corner. Not even 5 minutes later we were being seated!! We were OH SO HAPPY! We ordered a regular margherita pizza and a pepperoni lovers pizza. From the time we were seated to the time our pizza arrived at the table it was about 30 minutes. So, kitchen service was a tad slow. Pizzas looked great upon arrival. AND they were really good. I really loved the margherita pizza. It was my favorite. Crust was a tad crispy, sauce a tad sweet yet with some zest. Cheese could have been a little me plentiful since it was a tad sparse. Although the cheese was real fresh mozzarella cheese. Pepperoni pizza was good. It was LOADED with pepperoni slices, but it was a tad on the spicy side. Actually, I thought it was too spicy for me. Overall, we had a good experience with Lomabardi's on Spring. Pizza was excellent. Waitstaff was friendly and accommodating. Interior was Italian casual. It was pretty, yet comfortable. Prices are average. Parking in this area is tight. No lot, just street parking. Subway might be a better option if you are not within walking distance. I would recommend and we will be back!
                                              Billie Mullins
                                                This place is legit. Authentic Wood fired pizza Quick service and New York Coke. Gets crowded but super fast service. Worth the wait!
                                                Daniel font veggi
                                                  Me gustó mucho esta pizza, el local es agradable y cálido y el dueño gentil
                                                  Erlebniswelt Velburg
                                                    War sehr interessant. Pizza soweit ok, aber nicht aussergewöhnlich. Netter Bedienung
                                                    HJ S.
                                                      Enjoyed pizza with shangria. Recommend!
                                                      Benjamin Roberts
                                                        The first and best pizzaria in NYC
                                                        Kaleb Farand
                                                          this was the best pizza place ever good seats a nice price and the pizza was amazing! i recommend going here but if you live were i live have a good 5 hour flight!
                                                          Martin Handl
                                                            Perfect service with a awesome waiter (very friendly with a smile on his face the whole time and he sings while walking sometimes 👌🔝). Pizza was delicious. Price was a bit higher but for the whole package OK
                                                            Robert Garcia
                                                              Good pizza very pricey for the size of the pizza but it was good , also the grandma meatballs we're good just lacking flavor but a little red pepper made it work !
                                                              Randy Burghy
                                                                What a great decision to stop at Americas first pizzeria. Pizza, breadsticks, and service were all wonderful.
                                                                Anthony S
                                                                  Cheesy and a bit oily but a really terrific taste! Its very good.
                                                                  Brian Rivera
                                                                    The original the first delicious
                                                                    Victor J Garza
                                                                      Great experience on my one and only visit. Service was good. Pizza was good. Only one size, so that made decisions a bit easier. House dressing was delicious. Nice, casual sit down restaurant with the decore of tradicional casual Italian eateries.
                                                                      Manuel D
                                                                      Excelente Pizza!
                                                                      Muy buenas pizzas, lindo lugar, super newyorkino, muy buena atención. Super recomendable! Los panes con aceite de oliva son increibles y como fui un dia de frio extremo, habia muy poca gente. Ideal si queres una buena pizza italiana en NY
                                                                      Anjita Hughes
                                                                        we went to Lombardi during our Christmas vacation to NYC. Its cash only and the wait line is long plus you cant book in advance for less than 8 people. once we got a table, the pizzas were amazing. we were group of 3 and we ordered 3 different pizzas. They all were different and delicious with great quality of meat and cheese. Its definitely expensive (30$ USD) for one pizza but we had a great time. We were glad we went there.
                                                                        David C
                                                                          The classic (so called) NY pizza. Not the typical NY slice but the legendary “first pizza” in New York Area. It isn't Joe pizza but it surely has a unique twist. Long wait on Thursday night.
                                                                          Temple Thomas
                                                                            This was an experience for sure. My first time tasting New York pizza and it was a moving experience.. Remember - being cash ! They don't take cards. The crust is absolute perfection - crispy and chewy with great char that has a subtle undertone. The sauce was tangy and the perfect proportion. Cheese a plenty and the pepperoni had a nice bite. I'd eat before every day if I could !
                                                                              뉴욕에 살고 있는 가족 추천으로 함께 방문한 식당입니다. 듬뿍 올라간 루꼴라의 향과 맛이 정말 좋습니다. 분위기, 맛 모두 좋아 다음에 또 방문하고 싶다고 생각했는데, 나중에 알고 보니 굉장히 유명한 식당이었습니다. 유명세와 상관없이 기본에 충실한 뉴욕 피자 맛을 즐기고 싶으면 꼭 방문해보시기 바랍니다. This restaurant was visited by a family member living in New York. The aroma and taste of Rukola's plenty are really good. The atmosphere and taste were good, so I thought I'd like to visit again later. If you want to enjoy the taste of New York pizza that is true to the basics, no matter what you're famous for, don't miss it.
                                                                                Pizzeria italiana en Nolita. Conocida por ser la primera pizzeria que hubo en Estados Unidos. Pizzas buenas aunque de precio elevado (pagas por la fama) 😅
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